Veck Hsiao

System Software Linux Cloud Computing Server Engineering C/C++ Node.js Ruby on Rails Android/iOS/Web App

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  1. Web Engineer in Ruten Reten
    • Maintain backend server programs.
    • Collaborate with frontend engineer.
    • Manipulate MySQL and PL/SQL database software.
  2. Co-founder of Justinsanity Justinsanity

    We are fellow favor in Computer Science and software technology. We make products and do technology research.

  3. Co-founder of WiHeart WiHeart

    WiHeart warms your heart

    WiHeart Technology is a startup company dedicated on challenging various new topics. We started from management science and information technology, attempt to research and develop various feasible innovative topics.

    WiHeart upholds the mission "WiHeart warms your heart", providing people comfortable product experience to solve many difficulties in daily life.

    • Developed both iOS and Android version app
    • Developed app backend server (Node.js with MongoDB)
    • Developed official website
    • Maintain system operation
    • Company Management

  4. Web developer of Xshogi Xshogi
    - Use Ruby on Rails to build up the official business website
    - Use Amazon web services to build some functions of the website
    - Use Heroku to host the website
    - Use Postgres database to store our data
  5. Web service maintainer in National Chengchi University NCCU

    Flood Fire

    - Use Elasticsearch and Postgres to build up information retrieval system
    - Maintain the system server which is an Ubuntu 14.04 distribution Linux
    - Using Git to do version control and manage a GitHub account for this institution
    - Create a web interface for using this system
  6. Frontend Engineer in FundersToken FundersToken
    - Frontend development of funcational website
    - Integrate Ethereum blockchain backend server
  7. Cloud Support Engineer in Amazon Web Service Amazon Web Service - Premium Technical Support of deployment.